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Nikki Doner Sherwood, L.Ac.Nikki Doner Sherwood, L.Ac. has over 26 years experience in private practice, in public health settings and in acupuncture program administration and education.  She was an instructor at the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine for fifteen years and Clinic Director for seven years where she supervised interns at the College’s community clinic.  She also supervised students of the College at the American Indian Health and Services Clinic for five years treating  the Native American community.  She served as Clinic Director of Acupuncture for eight years at the Santa Barbara Council of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Project Recovery, an acupuncture based detoxification program.  She has worked and served the community of Santa Barbara while growing and tending to her family and maintaining a private practice.

Ms. Doner Sherwood is experienced in treating addictive illnesses, women’s medicine and pain management. In 2008, with the immeasurable help of her husband and colleague, Mark Sherwood, she opened Community Centered Oriental Medicine to develop her dream of making available the benefits of Chinese medicine to most people of her beloved Santa Barbara community.  Her passions are spending time in nature, camping, bird watching, Native American ways, traditions and ceremony and handwork.
Mark Sherwood, L.Ac.


Mark Sherwood has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for 26 years. He is a graduate of New England School of Acupuncture and California Acupuncture College. He has advanced clinical training at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. He has taught at Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine, and was voted Best Acupuncturist in Santa Barbara for two years by the Santa Barbara Independent.

Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, playing guitar and hiking in the mountains above Santa Barbara.


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